Health Research, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Jun  2022, Pages 10-14; DOI:

Reasons and Countermeasures for the Proliferation of Broadcast Health Care Programs in China

Health Research, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Jun  2022, Pages 10-14.


Delong Li 1*

1 School of Humanities and New Media, Yangtze University, Jingzhou, China

Received: 25 May 2022; Accepted: 10 June 2022; Published: 21 June 2022

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The early twenty years of the 21st century were an important decade for Chinese radio to survive in the cracks, both in the glorious moment of rapid development of traffic broadcasting and in the profit-seeking problem of the proliferation of health care programs. This paper explores the reasons for the proliferation of health care programs in Chinese broadcasting in the first two decades of the 21st century and proposes corresponding countermeasures.


Chinese Radio, Health Care Programs


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