Art and Design, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Mar  2021, Pages 31-37; DOI:

Practice and Inheritance of Industrial Heritage in Environmental Design Teaching

Art and Design, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Mar  2021, Pages 31-37.


Na Liu 1* , Lan Wang 1

1 School of Art and Design, Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, Inner Mongolia, China

Received: 25 November 2020; Accepted: 15 December 2020; Published: 5 January 2021

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By setting up a gradual training plan of environmental design practice teaching curriculum system, the industrial heritage project is introduced into the undergraduate practice teaching in different stages from simple to deep. Targetedly guide students to explore the value return of industrial heritage integration “local” concept. In the course of practice system, students systematically master the new standards of heritage renewal, the extraction of creative elements, the reconstruction of space and the remodeling of value. Further improve students’ capabilities of deep design and scientific research.


Environmental Design, Industrial Heritage, Practice Teaching, Cultural Heritage


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