Data Research, Vol. 4, Issue 6, Dec  2020, Pages 9-19; DOI:

PUMA Robot Dynamics Control System with Three Dimensional Approaches Using MATLAB/ SIMULINK

Data Research, Vol. 4, Issue 6, Dec  2020, Pages 9-19.


Htet Htet Lin Zaw 1* , Su Mon Aye 2 , Aye Than Mon 3 , Phyoe Sandar Win 2 , Khaing Wai Pyone 3

1 Department of Electronic Engineering, Technological University (Pathein), Pathein, Myanmar

2 Department of Electronic Engineering, Technological University (Myeik), Myeik, Myanmar

3 Department of Electronic Engineering, Technological University (Loikaw), Loikaw, Myanmar

Received: 1 June 2020; Accepted: 24 September 2020; Published: 12 October 2020

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The paper focuses to Implementation of 3D of PUMA Robot Dynamic Control System Using SIMULINK. In this Thesis to be the same real system and mathematical model of dynamics used the control system design, fine-tuning of controller is always needed. For better tuning fast simulation speed is desired. Since, Matlab incorporates LAPACK to increase the speed and complexity of matrix computation, dynamics, forward and inverse kinematics of PUMA Robot is modeled on Matlab/Simulink in such a way that all operations are matrix based which give very less simulation time. This paper compares PID parameter tuning using Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing, Generalized Pattern Search (GPS) and Hybrid Search techniques. This system is implemented with MATLAB programming language.


PUMA Robot, Robot Dynamics Control System, MATLAB, SIMULINK, Stability Analysis


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