Art and Design, Vol. 3, Issue 4, Dec  2020, Pages 1-8; DOI:

A Smart Shopping Platform for the Elderly under the New Mode of Five-sense Experience

Art and Design, Vol. 3, Issue 4, Dec  2020, Pages 1-8.


Xiduo Yi 1 , Liya Mai 1* , Shuming Wang 1 , Zhi Wang 1 , Jiaying Guo 2

1 Wuhan University of Technology, School of Arts and Design, Wuhan, China

2 Wuhan University of Technology, School of Management, Wuhan, China

Received: 15 July 2020; Accepted: 20 August 2020; Published: 1 September 2020

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Based on Donald Norman’s three-level theory of emotion and Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, combined with the current era background of homogenization of commercial space and aging of population structure, this paper puts forward of the new experience mode of Five Senses theory: security, comfort, freshness, sense of achievement and sense of nobility. By satisfying the special physiological and psychological needs of the elderly group through the five senses, combined with emerging science and technology, this paper creates a new retail commercial space and creates immersive, personalized and humanized shopping experience, in order to provide new ideas for future experiential commercial space.


The New Experience Mode of Five Senses, Experiential Commercial Space, The Elderly, New Retail


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