Art and Design, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Sep  2020, Pages 44-54; DOI:

Intangible Cultural Heritage Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Rural Cultural Industry - Taking Shengzhou Bamboo Weaving in Zhejiang, China as an Example

, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Sep  2020, Pages 44-54.


Wenjia Li 1* , Ziwei Li 1

1 College of Communication and Art Design, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China

Received: 10 June 2020; Accepted: 19 July 2020; Published: 1 August 2020

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The rural cultural industry is the spiritual power and important support of China’s rural revitalization strategy, and the intangible cultural heritage is the accumulation and spiritual identity of rural culture. Intangible cultural heritage of China is facing the creative transformation and innovative development in this age. Taking the design and innovation practice of bamboo weaving handicraft in Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China as an example, this paper explores the functional innovation design and regional brand symbols of intangible cultural heritage in the way of “living” inheritance, explores the theoretical construction of the interaction between regional culture and industry in the way of “ecological” innovation logic, reconstructs the organizational strategy of life scene presentation in the way of “dynamic” communication mechanism, and explains the path of rural intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development from the comprehensive perspective of “living, ecological and dynamic”.


Rural Cultural Industry, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Shengzhou Bamboo Weaving, Sustainable Development


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