Agricultural Studies, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Apr  2022, Pages 49-55; DOI:

Growth Performance and Digestibility of California White Rabbits as Affected by Protein Levels

Agricultural Studies, Vol. 6, Issue 1, Apr  2022, Pages 49-55.


Unung Hillary Ubanaye 1* , Mwansat, G.S. 1 , Adediran Opeyemi 2 , Joel Elizbeth 2 , Asiruwa Peter 2 , Dawet, A. 1 , Oyedapo Folashade 3 , Johnson Mfon 3 , Oshibanjo Debola Olusegun 3

1 Department of Zoology, Faculty of Natural Science, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria

2 Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

3 Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria

Received: 25 December 2021; Accepted: 15 February 2022; Published: 10 May 2022

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The aim of this study is to seek the effects of Protein Levels on Growth Performance and Digestibility in California white Rabbits. A, one hundred and twenty (120) day feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect of different dietary protein levels (13%, 14% and 18%). Thirty California white weaner rabbits of known genetic purity (88%) within the ages of 6 weeks old with an average initial weight of 1,004g were randomly assigned to three dietary treatments of 10 rabbits per treatment in a completely randomized design experiment. The results obtained showed that the final weight, average daily weight, relative growth rate, performance index and feed intake differed significantly (p


California White, Dietary Proteins, Growth Characteristics, Digestibility


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