Applied Physics, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Mar  2020, Pages 1-14; DOI:

Analytical Models of Dark Energy Stars with Quadratic Equation of State

Applied Physics, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Mar  2020, Pages 1-14.


Manuel Malaver 1* , Hamed Daei Kasmaei 2

1 Bijective Physics institute, Idrija, Slovenia; Department of Basic Sciences, Caribbean Maritime University, Catia La Mar, Venezuela

2 Bijective Physics institute, Idrija, Slovenia; Department of Applied Mathematics, Islamic Azad University-Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

Received: 15 December 2019; Accepted: 15 February 2020; Published: 18 March 2020

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Recent astronomical observations with respect to measurements in distant supernovas, cosmic microwave background and weak gravitational lensing confirm that the Universe is undergoing a phase of accelerated expansion and it has been proposed that this cosmological behavior is caused by a hypothetical dark energy which has a strong negative pressure that allows explain the expanding universe. Several theoretical ideas and models related dark the energy includes the cosmological constant, quintessence, Chaplygin gas, braneworld and tachyonic scalar fields. In this paper, we have obtained new relativistic stellar configurations considering an anisotropic fluid distribution with a charge distribution, which could represents a potential model of a dark energy star. In order to investigate the effect of a quadratic equation of state in this anisotropic model we specify particular forms for the gravitational potential that allow solving the Einstein-Maxwell field equations. For these new solutions we checked that the radial pressure,  metric coefficients, energy density, anisotropy factor, charge density , mass function are well defined and are regular in  the interior of the star. The solutions found can be used in the development of dark energy stars models satisfying all physical acceptability conditions but the causality condition and strong energy condition are violated. We expect that these models have multiple applications in astrophysics and cosmology.


Dark Energy, Stellar Configurations, Anisotropic Fluid Distribution, Quadratic Equation of State, Einstein-Maxwell Field Equations, Metric Coefficients


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