Art and Design, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Mar  2019, Pages 10-16; DOI: 10.31058/ 10.31058/

Cultivation of Innovative Ability for Chinese Painting Students in Colleges and Universities

, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Mar  2019, Pages 10-16.

DOI: 10.31058/

Guodong Zhu 1*

1 Department of Traditional Chinese Painting, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China

Received: 18 December 2018; Accepted: 30 January 2019; Published: 20 February 2019

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The training of innovative consciousness and innovative ability is vital to the cultivation of fine art talents in colleges and universities in the new era. It is also an inevitable requirement of building an innovative country to attach importance to the training of innovative ability of students in colleges and universities. The colleges and universities fail to attach enough importance to the training of students’ innovative ability while teaching the students to inherit and learn the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, for the present situation, we should strengthen students’ understanding and refining of the new things and strengthen the training of their innovative consciousness and innovative ability so as to strive to create a new look of art with all flowers in bloom.


Colleges and Universities, Innovative Ability, Chinese Painting, Tradition


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