Data Research, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Apr  2019, Pages 20-32; DOI: 10.31058/ 10.31058/

Doing Doctorate Student Research Under Software Engineering

, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Apr  2019, Pages 20-32.

DOI: 10.31058/

Jin Wang 1*

1 Department of Information, School of Software Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China

Received: 30 July 2018; Accepted: 31 March 2019; Published: 18 June 2019

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The purpose of this study is to do a good job of doctoral students and doctoral studies and do a good job in student information management system and testing system. The research methods are literature research methods, experimental methods, practice methods and so on. The results are that good doctoral research methods are the guarantee of successful doctoral research, Excellent Student Information Management and Testing System in Software Engineering. The conclusion is to do good doctoral students, and to do a good job of doctoral research for social countries.


Doctoral Student Research, Research Methods, Software Engineering


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