Data Research, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Apr  2018, Pages 78-87; DOI: 10.31058/ 10.31058/

A Method for Identifying a Wormhole Attack Using Regression in Wireless Sensor Networks

, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Apr  2018, Pages 78-87.

DOI: 10.31058/

Seyyedjalaleddin Dastgheib 1*

1 Department of Computer Engineering, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Received: 17 July 2018; Accepted: 15 August 2018; Published: 29 August 2018

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Due to the specific features of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), such as a large number of nodes and limited energy, we need to use unique methods for this type of network in dealing with attacks. There are numerous attacks on WSNs that cause loss of network security. One of these attacks is setting the wrong path using a wormhole. A wormhole attack is triggered by two adversary nodes in such a way that the packets are broadcasted by an adversary to another adversary without decoding or separating each packet. Adversaries are directly linked to each other by a vast transmission range. In this thesis, we try to detect and neutralize this attack using regression. This paper presents a comprehensive approach that, in all conditions, without the need for additional equipment and with the highest accuracy and low energy consumption, can be detected and ultimately countered by the attack of the wormhole.


Wireless Sensor Network, Security, Wormhole Attacks, Regression


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