Special Issue "Interaction and Symbiosis of Landscape Design"

Special Issue Information: A special issue of Art and Design
This special issue is a special design periodical for the planning and design of the spatial form of tourist resorts. Whether traditional or modern, Oriental or western, the aestheticism of spatial form exists in a large number of landscape works of various resorts. Its appearance is often accompanied by the meaning of romantic color, and is endowed with rich connotations. With the progress of society and the development of tourism, great changes have taken place in the public's aesthetic concept and life taste. At present, people's demand for holiday resorts is not only limited to functionalism, but also put forward higher requirements for the resort itself and the surrounding landscape environment and supporting facilities. As the core framework of the resort, spatial form plays an important role in the design, and its rendering effect plays a vital role in the image of the resort. As an important place for relaxation and entertainment, resort landscape, especially the interaction and communication between people and resorts, should be the first concern of the public. The contents of periodicals give consideration to both academic research and industrial development of the design industry. Academic theory focuses on articles with specific research objects. Industrial development focuses on the latest planning and design trends of holiday resorts, and devotes itself to the construction of aesthetics of spatial design of holiday resorts.
The theme of the special issue includes but is not limited to the following topics:
Planning and Design Analysis of Resort
Landscape Ecological Effect of Holiday Resort
Aestheticism of Space Design
Spatial Pattern of Land Use in Resorts
The Role of Landscape Design in Public Space Landscape
Establishment of Dynamic Landscape in City Sports Park
Reconstruction and Environmental Design of Residential Area
Climate and Seasonal Landscape
Building Ecology-Typed of City Beauty
Originality of Popular Landscape
Aestheticism of Small Scale Landscape Design
Cultural Connotation of Creative Art District
Re-Creative of Post-Industrial Landscape
Value Regional Aesthetic Flow and Domain
The Beauty of Yurts
Research Field: Landscape Design of Tourism Resorts, Aestheticism of Spatial Form Design 

Lead Guest Editor:
Biao He, Inner Mongolia Water Investment Group, Hohhot City, China

Guest Editors:
Jianyang Qi, Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Group) Co., LTD. Hohhot Power Supply Bureau, China
Qiang Zhao, Inner Mongolia Branch of Datang Group Co. LTD., China
Tianyu Wang, Great Wall Motor Co. LTD., China
Mao Guo, Baotou Shansheng New Energy Co. LTD., China
Tong Hou, Bayannur Branch, Agricultural Bank of China, China

Submission Guideline:
Authors should submit original articles related to the focus of the Special Issue to Lead Guest Editor's email address 347550303@qq.com or special.issues@itspoa.com.
Special Issue Timetable:

Submission Deadline November 30th, 2021
Publication Date January 30th, 2022