Join Peer-Review Program

Join Peer-Review Program
Why reviewers are important?
ITS is an open access, international, and academic publisher. In order to uphold the quality and validity of the journals, all the manuscripts submitted to ITS come through a rigorous peer-review progress. ITS reviewers are committed to handling all the manuscripts submitted fairly and promptly. Based on the recommendations, the academic editor makes final decision on whether the manuscript meets all the academic qualifications and can be published on ITS journal. Reviewers in ITS are entitled to substantially enjoy 10% discount for publishing papers in ITS journals. By default, reviewers in ITS will be appointed as members of organizing committees in cooperated conferences if necessary.

What qualifications should applicants have?
It is necessary for applicants to have PhD degree, or hold some academic position in universities, colleges, school system, research institutes and academic organizations. And applicants with strong academic background are preferred. Once appointed, reviewers should guarantee that they have enough time and energy to handle the submissions efficiently.

How to apply?
Offline Application

If you are interested in article reviewing and want to be a volunteer as Editorial Member or Reviewer, please download the Invitation Letter for Editorial Member or Invitation Letter for Reviewer. After you finish them, please sent them together with your CV to email Once your application is accepted ITS, a letter of appointment will be sent to you promptly.
Online Application
You can apply for Editorial Member or Reviewer online, if you are interested, please fill in the form with required information and submit it to us.